How to feed an allergy dog

The same to humans, dogs can be allergic to different substances that are recognized by the immune system as dangerous. Although rarely life-threatening, allergies in pets cause discomfort and distress. Symptoms can vary but commonly these are non-seasonal itching, chronic or recurrent ear and skin infections, vomiting, diarrhea, or excessive gassiness. Meanwhile, these symptoms are also common for other dog diseases, so in case of witnessing some of them, it's always recommended to visit a vet.

Food options for dogs with allergies

If your pet has some allergy, a special diet often accompanies other treatment and preventive measures. There are various types of allergies your dog can develop, as well as there are various food options that can help your furry friend to eliminate or minimize symptoms, and here are some of them:

Dog foods for pets with food allergies
  • Dogs are often allergic to wheat, corn, and soy, so hypoallergenic dog foods are often based on easily-digestible ancient grains like oatmeal, barley, chia, and buckwheat. There are also manufacturers that produce gluten-free dog food options.
  • One more common food allergen is chicken. In dog foods, it can be replaced with salmon, lamb, turkey, beef, or rabbit proteins.
Dog foods for pets with skin allergies
  • If your dog is allergic to things in the environment, it can suffer from skin sensitiveness, and the best food to tackle this problem is Omega-rich one. So pets with skin allergies are often fed dogs food where salmon is used as the main source of protein.
Dog foods for pets with a sensitive stomach
  • A dog's stomach can be sensitive to grains and for such cases, manufacturers produce grain-free dog foods.
  • Proteins also can cause stomach sensitivity, and the solution here is to switch one protein to another until you find the option that fits. Oftentimes, it is lamb-based dog foods that become the best solution.

Again, the first thing to do to prevent dogs allergy is to work with your vet. This allows you to accurately determine food allergy or intolerance and develop the best course of action for your pet’s needs.

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