Can dogs live only on dry food?

A dog's diet based on dry food is considered by many as the most convenient and easy option. But is it healthy for dogs and can they live only on dry food?

Is it healthy for dogs eat only dry food

Good news: our furry friends are completely ok with eating only dry food. Even though tastes and preferences vary from one dog to another, the nutritional properties of quality dog food allow pets to get all the essential elements needed for their healthy and active life. And here are some proofs of that:

  • One of the biggest pieces of evidence showing that dogs can live only on dry food is that millions of dogs do it.
  • For decades, there were no such options as wet dog food on the market, and dogs lived perfectly on dry food alone.
  • Now, dogs live longer than ever. And this fact goes together with the following one: millions of dog owners use only dry food for feeding their pets.

Still, there are some safety tips that can help you to ensure that your friend will be ok with the diet. These include:

  • Picking a quality dog food that contains all the essential to your dog nutrients.
  • Choosing dry food that takes into account such criteria as size, breed, age, activity level, health nuances of your dog.
  • Buying amounts of dry food that your pet can eat before it gets choked.

However, if you have some worries about a 'dry diet', you can always consult with a vet who will help you to choose the most suitable nutrition for your furry friend. Consultation with a specialist is also a good idea if you want to switch one dog food to another or get advice on whether you can mix dry and wet dog food.

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