4 Don'ts for mixing dog food

Being a pet parent is hard work. All of the information on the Internet on how to take care of your furry friend can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming. Countless contradictions lead to more questions than answers. For example, in the 'mixing canned and dry food' debate. To shed some light on the topic, we provide you with 4 essential don'ts of a mixed diet.

What you shouldn't do while mixing wet and dry food for dog.

#1: Don't start a mixed diet without consultation from a vet

Consulting a vet on issues that can potentially impact your pet's health is always a nice idea, and diets perfectly fall into the category of issues that have to be approved by professionals before being applied to life. And while mixing canned and dry food can seem absolutely safe, the thing is that numerous dog foods are specifically formulated for different life stages or particular health conditions, and require strict adherence to a feeding protocol.

#2: Don't lose control over portions

Manufacturers of different dog foods, both canned and dry, provide recommendations on portion sizes for different bodyweights of dogs. And the difference between these options can be significant. For example, canned dog foods have fewer calories than their dry alternatives. So when you decide to try a mixed diet, it's more complicated than just mixing 50% of dry with 50% of wet food. You'll have to carefully follow guidelines on portion sizes indicated on both canned and dry foods, and calculate how much of each type of food to give to your pet.

#3: Don't start a new diet in one day

While some owners joke that their pet can digest a shoe, the truth is that sometimes, the dog's stomach can be very sensitive, especially to a new food. So give your pet some time to get used to a new food, gradually adding it by little over several days. Watch how your pet reacts to the new food, and if everything ok, you can start a mixed diet.

#4: Don't make it all in one bowl

It's good to offer your pet some food variety. The dog will be happy to try different textures, tastes, and smells. Still, a mixed diet is not equal to mixing everything in one bowl. So instead of serving both canned and dry food at the same time, split it into two meals, for example, dry food for breakfasts and canned ones for dinner.

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