Let's Be Friends: How to Introduce a Dog to Your Cat

Do you remember the saying “Fight like cat and dog”? If you do not want the feud between your pets to become your daily reality, you better get prepared for their acquaintance.

Meeting a new pet

Don’t Push the Acquaintance

If you already have some pet and you want to have another one, the first one should be isolated (in a cage or another room) at the moment a new tenant appears. In this way, it will be easier for the new family member to get comfortable.

Keep Distance

For the first few days, allow pets to walk around the apartment in turns. This will allow them to get used to each other's smells.

Become a Mediator

You can help pets get used to each other's scent faster. To do this, stroke them and let them sniff you in turn while rewarding each with treats.

Give Your Pets Time

Only when both pets behave calmly (the cat eats as usual and uses the litter box), you can introduce them to each other.

Prepare Properly

Before pets meet, walk and feed the dog, and trim the cat's claws.

Keep Balance

If you see that pets are in no hurry to get to know each other better, do not force them. Allow them to take the initiative themselves. On the other hand, don't let any of them act too intrusive or rude. To do this, keep your dog and cat on leashes.

Be Attentive

Do your pets behave calmly? Are they friendly? If so, praise and treat them for this. Is the air filled with aggression? Stop any dangerous actions.

Be Patient

After official acquaintance, for some time, allow pets to “communicate” only in your presence. Remember, each pet must be on a leash. Be ready that it can take a long time before the cat and the dog will react calmly to each other.

Don’t Stop Watching Them

You can leave animals alone only when they have spent enough time (about a month or more) together, and you are absolutely sure that everything will be ok. But even after that, it is advisable to continue monitoring, for example, using a video camera.

The acquaintance of pets and the rise of friendship between them is not a matter of three days. Be prepared that not everything will turn out perfect, but patience, love for four-legged friends, and our tips will help you succeed!

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