How to stop a dog fight?

Each dog is individual. Each has its character and quirks. And it happens that a mismatch of interests or personalities can lead to a fight. What to do if your dog is involved in a fight? Before answering this question, let's first understand where the line between dog play and fighting lies so that we know when to intervene.

How to know if your dog plays or starts a fight?

Many dogs can growl, bark, grin, and bite their partner in the game when playing. An innocent game gradually becomes cockier and cockier, one of the dogs gets into an aggressive state, and then a fight begins. Often the owner may not notice when the game has escalated into open aggression.

So, if your pet is in a doggy game and you don't want it to end with bitten limbs, here are a few suggestions:

  • Don't let your dog be overly compulsive in play. For example, bite another dog with a roar if you see that this manner of play is uncomfortable for another dog. The same should be applied to another dog. So if you witness that it behaves too compulsive, ask the owner to recall it.
  • If your pet is overexcited and the game becomes too escalated, take the pet out of the game and let it calm down, preferably by performing special exercises such as "tweezer", "reverse guidance", "sideway". Note that these exercises must be worked out in a calm environment.

After, you can let the pet play again.

  • If the situation repeats, the dog should be taken out of the game for a walk or home.

But what to do if the game turned into a fight? Or what if another dog attacks your furry friend?

How to protect your dog?

Unfortunately, there is no specific way that will work 100%. However, you can try:

  • Demand from the attacking dog owner, if any, to soothe his pet.
  • Shout as loud and high as possible. Dogs may stop fighting to determine the source of the yell and find out the potential consequences for themselves.
  • If you have a small dog, try to shelter it from the aggression in your arms. In this case, it is better to approach a tree and stand facing it so that another dog does not jump and bite yours.
  • Carry a dog repeller with you after teaching your pet not to be afraid of it.
  • Try to take the aggressor by the collar, raise it as high as possible, and grab it with your feet at the level of the ribs.
  • For protection against constantly aggressive or street dogs, you can carry a spray can.

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