Dog Body Language: Aggression Scale

Generally, dogs don't bite without warning. However, a person does not always understand that the dog sends unambiguous signals that it does not like what is happening and is ready to attack. So how do you know that the pet is not in the mood and it is better not to touch it?

Signs of discomfort

A healthy dog ​​will never go against members of his family. Typically, before transitioning into an aggressive, defensive state, a pet will first show any of the following signs of discomfort:

  • Tries to leave and hide.
  • Hides its eyes and turns away.
  • Yawns frequently. Not smoothly, as before going to bed, but sharply, in jerks.
  • Licking anxiously.
  • Protests by refusing to budge or follow familiar commands.

If you notice any of the above in your pet's behavior, leave it alone and let it rest. If you don't do this, there is a possibility of facing a more aggressive form of protest.

Critical Signals

How to understand that the dog is aggressive? Critical signals include:

  • Gazes.
  • Barks uncharacteristically low.
  • Growls.
  • Exposes its teeth.
  • Clicks with teeth.
  • Has a frozen posture, the body is tense.

How to deal with an aggressive dog?

When a dog behaves aggressively, you can panic, start yelling at it, waving your arms. But it's a mistake. Instead:

  • Try to calm down.
  • In a confident voice, try to give the dog a command (Sit, Stand, Lie down, No).
  • Try not to make eye contact with the animal.
  • Avoid sudden movements.
  • Do not turn your back on the dog, and do not run away.

Prevention of aggression in dogs

What to do if the dog shows aggression frequently? The first person you should contact is your veterinarian. Sometimes the aggressive state is related to health issues. If the veterinarian determines that the dog's health is good, you need to contact the cynologist.

On your own, you can do the following:

  • Try to understand what exactly causes aggression in the dog.
  • See and respond to the signals your dog sends you.
  • Praise your dog when he behaves appropriately.
  • Never punish aggressive behavior by hitting or yelling at your dog.
If a dog has bitten you, seek immediate medical attention.

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