How to Wean a Pet from Begging for Food from the Table

To be healthy and grow properly, your dog needs a balanced diet. Human food is attractive to a pet, but it can only harm it. Therefore, the issue of "begging" should be taken seriously, and it's better if you wean the dog from such a habit at an early age.

The following tips will help you:

  • Feed your dog strictly on schedule, and before you start eating yourself. So by your breakfast / lunch / dinner, it will already be full and will not be interested in begging for food.

  • Set boundaries and keep your pet out of the kitchen. Why? It's simple: the closer it is to the table, the stronger the smells of food, and hence the desire to beg for it.
  • If you can't feed your dog before you eat, use a bed and a toy with a treat or a dried bone. This will distract your pet from begging.
  • Don't provoke your dog by leaving anything edible on the table.

  • Don't believe a single pitying glance! The dog doesn't understand that your food can harm it. You are responsible for its health.
  • There should be no exceptions! Each new indulgence makes the pet more intrusive. If you refuse its begs once and then "treat" the dog from the table, it will constantly look for new ways to manipulate you.

Because it can be extremely difficult to resist a pleading look, be patient and strong. Remember, the stake is your pet's health.

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