How to Help a Puppy Adapt to the New Place?

Parting with mom, a new house and smells, strangers and other animals — the first days of a pet at a new place are stressful for both the puppy and its owner. We have collected useful tips that will help you make the adaptation period more comfortable and calm.

Spring Cleaning

Remove anything the puppy can knock over, break or damage — flowerpots, wires, shoes, etc. From your height, it is not always obvious what may interest a puppy, so sit down and inspect the apartment again (from the height of a puppy).

Down with Carpets

Remove your favorite and loved carpets: during adaptation, various incidents occur. However, you cannot leave the floors “naked” either. Cover them with something you don't mind about: slippery floors negatively affect the formation of your puppy's bones and joints and can cause serious injury.

Let’s Avoid “Unwanted” Puddles

While the puppy is getting used to the new place and you cannot take it for a walk, its toilet will be a diaper. Place several pieces at different parts of the apartment. Just in case.


A puppy, like any other member of the family, should have its own space. Be sure to prepare a place for feeding and sleeping, and remember: at first, the puppy will sleep more peacefully near you.


Buy several toys. What for? Everything interesting, everything that a puppy can study, chew, and play with, you hid even before the puppy appeared at your place.

Keep Calm!

At first, refrain from excessive petting and obsessive attention because these can interfere with the process of the puppy's adaptation. Let your pet get used to everything first.

These simple rules will not require much effort but will help you and your pet get used to the new life together.

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