Everything You Need to Know About the First Walk

A first walk is important for both the puppy and its owner. We've put together some tips that will help to turn it into a positive and memorable experience.

The Right Time and Place

The best time for the first walk with a puppy is early in the morning or late at night. It will free your walk from the number of such irritants as cars, other dogs, and people. Go for a walk in a quiet and peaceful place, such as a forest, park, or field.

On Hands from the Entrance

For the first time, it is better to take the puppy out into the street on your hands, but when you return home, let the pet be independent: do not rush, let it examine every corner of the entrance, elevator, and stairs.


Take a lot of the puppy’s favorite treats!

Meeting New Stimuli

Don't bring down the whole world to the puppy at once. Introduce it to new stimuli gradually, approach them slowly, and remember to reward the pet for each step forward. Fear is okay. If your puppy becomes anxious when it faces some new stimulus, do not rush to pity and comfort it. Stay calm, no matter how difficult it is.

Go for a Run to Relieve Stress

Feelings of fear and anxiety discourage the puppy's interest in a treat. If a new sound or object bothers it, don't let it concentrate on it. Better distract your pet with a short run.

Praise for Courage

Has the puppy calmed down and is reaching for a treat? Try to approach the object that scared it one more time. Do this delicately, do not force, do not push, and do not forget to reward the pet. Did your puppy show courage and did not run away from a new, noisy, and incomprehensible object? Praise and treat it.

Outdoor Games

Try to play with your pet on the first walk. Take its favorite toy to leave a positive impression of the first walk.

Yes to Other People!

While walking, ask neighbors or bystanders to treat your pet. This should be done unobtrusively and without unnecessary emotions. It is better to be “on the same level” with the puppy (a person can sit down). Make sure that the puppy is also calm and not afraid of a new acquaintance.

These simple rules will help you and your pet avoid stress and other annoyances during your first walk.

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