3 Steps to Stop a Dog Chasing Cats and Birds

Is your pet fond of chasing cats and birds? There is nothing weird, as it’s driven by dog’s natural instincts. Still, you can hardly find dog owners who are truly delighted when their pets bark at the other creatures and ignore all commands. Here are the tips to correct such behavior.

Step 1

  • Try to walk your dog in a place where you have all chances to come across cats. This will streamline the educational process.
  • Walk your dog before visiting such places.
  • Dogs can smell cats even at the distance, so do not try to start from the ‘cat epicenter’. Long distance first, and then you can gradually shorten it.

Step 2

  • If the dog has smelled the cat but stays calm, say “Yes”, praise your pet with a treat, and start shortening the distance to the cat.
  • If your pet is getting nervous, say “No” and get farther from the cat. Wait until the dog calms down, and take another attempt to come closer to the cat.

Step 3

  • Start with step 3 only when the dog reacts calmly to meeting the cats during the two previous steps.
  • Let your pet see the cat, while keeping a loose leash.
  • Does your dog still behave well? Say “Doog dog” and give it a treat.
  • First, allow your pet to focus on the cat for up to 2 or 3 seconds, while giving the dog a treat for a couple of times.
  • There is no need to go straight to the cat — try to get past it.
  • As soon as your pet becomes totally indifferent to the cat, say “Yes” and “Good Dog” and give it a treat.

Follow the very same rules if your pet chooses birds for ‘hunting’. The marker of the training success is when the dog starts ignoring them.

Note: even if your pet is friendly and stays calm, don’t let it come too close to feral cats in order to eliminate the risks of dog injury.

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