March 11, 2022

3 Ways to Help Your Dog Understand You

A marker is a signal that you give to your dog when you execute a command. Thanks to it, it is easier for a pet to understand whether it is doing everything right.

Markers can be divided into two groups: these are rewards and corrections.

“Reward” Marker

“Good”, “well done”, “good dog” — any kind word you give in response to a correctly executed command is a marker. With the help of these words, you make it clear to the pet that it is doing everything right. In this way, you encourage the dog and motivate it to try executing commands, because, in the end, it will receive the main reward.
These markers are intermediate: you can use them during training and change intonation. That will help to change the dog's emotional state. For example, if you want to cheer it up, a reward marker should be intense and bright, if reassured —  calm and restrained.

“Yes” Marker

'Yes' is an ultimate reward. By saying it, you signal that it's time for emotional reward and rest. Pronounce the marker clearly, loudly, with one intonation, and, most importantly, right at the moment when you reach your goal.
You can say the marker "Yes" when you stay close to the pet, as well as when at a distance from it. Immediately after this, make sure to use an emotional reward, so that the dog can feel delighted and free.

“No” Marker

This one is a correction marker. With its help, you make it clear that the dog makes a mistake and its behavior does not correspond to the command; you are waiting for it to mend. Say the marker “No” right at the moment of a mistake, then immediately correct your pet.
The main purpose of the “No” marker is to help the dog understand that it executes the command incorrectly and to motivate it for improvement, showing that otherwise there will be no reward.

Use these three simple techniques to enjoy the mutual understanding between you and your dog.

Check the video lessons on the App Store or Google Play to learn how to work with markers.

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