Successful Training: 4 Steps You Shouldn't Skip

All dogs are different: some catch commands quickly and easily, while for others each training turns into overwhelming work. Still, there is a universal algorithm that works with any pet.

Give a Command

The best time to teach your dog commands is when you have already learned how to influence its behavior, so the pet is ready to listen to you and perform the correct actions. Remember, you should pronounce the command only once.

Important note: always pronounce commands clearly, loudly, and using the same intonation.

Influence Your Pet

You can motivate the dog to execute your commands using:

  • Targeting with a treat;
  • Toy;
  • Hand (help the dog get to the desired position);
  • Leash (by slightly pulling the leash in the right direction).

Wait for an Action

After giving a command (once), wait for the desired action or behavior from the dog. Repeating a command over and over again means leaning your dog to play for time or even ignoring you.

There are situations when a pet has learned some command and executes it brightly in a familiar environment. But once conditions change, the dog stops responding to the command. So, get ready to pique its interest, so it can follow the command anywhere.

Don’t Forget About Rewards

The best reward for a dog is always what it's interested in. In the early stages of training, treats can serve both as means of motivation and a reward.

Later, you can find and try other ways to reward your dog and even combine some.

Important note: reward your dog when it allows your command!

Does it seem to you that it is difficult for your pet to execute a new command? Break the learning down into stages, and do not move onto another stage until you make sure that the pet has mastered the current one.

For successful training, you need to be clear with what exactly you want your dog to do. More useful info and video lessons you will find on the App Store or Google Play

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